Relief for Troubled Teething Tots

Relief for Troubled Teething Tots

Teething can be an exciting time for parents because it represents their infant graduating into a toddler. For nursing moms, this is a time when weaning occurs, introducing solid foods for the first time. However, teething isn’t always a seamless experience and can even be troublesome for your baby. Don’t hesitate to contact your Worcester dentist if you have worries about your baby’s teething. In order to help him or her with teething, you can use the following methods to offer relief to their aching gums. 

Coldness Brings Relief

Likely, you’ve heard of teething rings and the way they work is by placing them in the refrigerator to get cold before giving it to your baby. The idea is that placing something cold in your baby’s mouth helps to numb the pain. If you don’t have a teething ring, you can use other items like a washcloth. Wet the washcloth, then place it into a plastic bag and set it in the freezer. You can also soak it in chamomile tea, which can help calm fussy babies and enable them to fall asleep. Once the rag is cold, you take it out of the freezer and allow your baby to suck on it. Refrigerating a pacifier or teething ring or freezing food like bagels and carrots can also work. 

Use Pressure When Cold Fails

If your baby doesn’t take to using cold or frozen items to sooth pain, you can instead use pressure. A teething ring can do the trick, except this time, keep it at room temperature. The pressure of chewing on it will help distract your baby’s brain from the pain sensation and will help to alleviate pain. Another trick is to wash your hands and then slide one of your fingers on the gums. The pressure feels good and the squeaky noise it makes may be entertaining and amusing to your baby. 

Use Topical Medication 

There are numbing gels that you can use on your baby’s gums as well. These are sold at your typical pharmacy and don’t require a prescription. Just make sure that the products you purchase don’t contain benzocaine, which can lead to methemoglobinemia in rare cases. This is a serious problem that causes oxygen in the blood to fall dangerously low. It’s advised that products containing benzocaine not be used on children that are under two years old. 

Use Over-the-Counter Painkillers

If all else fails, you can use Worcester dentist recommendations for painkillers or even obtain a prescription from your Worcester dental office. You can use products like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen to help calm inflammation and pain. 

It’s a good idea to consult with your dentist about your baby’s teeth if you’re ever worried about their development or if extreme pain ensues and cannot be soothed.

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