Dental Surgeon in Worcester, MA

Dental Surgeon Worcester MA

While a general dentist can perform many common dental procedures, there are instances when it is necessary to see an oral surgeon. If you live in Worcester, Spencer, Grafton, Auburn, Southbridge, Millbury And Shrewsbury. Then you are in luck - Arena Family Dental is your local oral surgeon.

Oral surgeons perform many procedures including:
  • Dental implants, where the implant is fused to the bone
  • Reconstructive surgery to realign the jaw
  • Tooth removal due to impaction
  • Treatments for sleep apnea
  • Treatment of cleft palate or tongue
  • You may be a candidate for oral surgery.

We have the expertise and personal service you should expect from a local Dental Surgeon Worcester MA .

Oral surgery is something that all of us hope we never need and don't even like to think about, but sometimes is necessary. A general dentist is qualified to handle a wide gamut of procedures and situations, but there are times when an oral surgeon must be consulted.

If the jaw needs to be realigned with reconstructive surgery, an oral surgeon handles this. There are certain dental implants in which the implant requires fusion to the bone and oral surgery is needed. An impacted tooth, such as the wisdom tooth, mandates surgery, as does the removal of cysts and tumors not only in the mouth area, but sometimes the neck, as well. The Dental Surgeon Worcester MA is responsible for restoring the jaw, cheek, eye socket, and nose fractures caused by whatever the reason. They are also trained to correct a cleft palate or tongue and perform procedures to cure the condition of sleep apnea.

Here, at our trusted and esteemed dental practice, we have oral surgeons available along with our general dentists. Our personnel are highly competent and ready to treat all of you and your family's needs whenever you should need them treated!

Please do not hesitate or delay in consulting a dentist for any condition that may prove to be a serious problem.

The first step is making an appointment to come into our establishment and speaking to one of our Masshealth dentists. He or she will be able to diagnose the situation that is concerning you and advise you as to your options. You are in excellent hands when you become a patient here. Do not let financial worries prevent you from seeking the oral care you require. We will work with you to figure out a payment plan that fits into your budget depending on what you will ultimately require.

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