The 5-Item Dental Emergency Kit

The 5-Item Dental Emergency Kit

At Arena Family Dentistry in Worcester, we know that life happens and dental emergencies can strike at any time so it makes sense to have a dental emergency kit on hand. Most dentist offices are not open twenty-four hours per day and running to the drug store in the middle of the night is not always a pleasant option. Having the supplies on-hand to temporarily patch up yourself or a family member can save you a lot of hassle. 

All you need are five main items to get you through most dental emergency issues;

  • Ibuprofen Tablets - Pain associated with dental issues or emergencies can be lessened by using ibuprofen. Follow package instructions and always keep out of the reach of children. 
  • Tooth Numbing Gel - Tooth pain can often be relieved by applying tooth numbing gel on the painful area in the mouth. There are many brands and types of this product to choose from. 
  • Dental Floss - Sometimes tooth pain may be associated to a food particle being stuck between the teeth or pushed up into the gums. Using dental floss can sometimes dislodge the particle. 
  • Sterile Gauze Pads - If a tooth is lost or becomes dislodged having sterile gauze pads to gently bite down on can help to stop the bleeding. 
  • Phone Numbers - If a permanent tooth is knocked out it’s considered a dental emergency that must be dealt with immediately, even if that means going to the emergency room at the hospital. Having your Worcester Dentist’s phone number on hand is important too.

Call us whenever a dental emergency arises. 

The Next Level

If you want to take your dental kit to the next level there are many additional things you can add; dental mirror, temporary fillings, dental picks, dental wax and many other items. It helps to have a plan in case of a dental emergency and having even a basic dental kit on hand can save time and stress. 

At Arena Family Dentistry in Worcester, we care about our patients. Call us with dental emergencies or for a wide array of the dental services we offer. 

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