Figuring Out What Pain in Your Jaw Might Mean

Figuring Out What Pain in Your Jaw Might Mean

Arena Family Dental Worcester Will Help Solve the Mystery …

Don't Panic. But don't ignore it either. At Arena Family Dental Worcester, we see a little bit of both panic and ignoring from patients at our dental clinic in Worcester. Neither of those approaches are the best response. As a Worcester dentist, we suggest remaining calm, but having the issue checked out with our Worcester dental office staff.

Jaw pain can mean a lot of things. We’ll discuss a few possibilities here, but there is no substitute for coming to see your Worcester dentist to have your pain checked by the professionals at Arena Family Dental Worcester. 

* If the Pain is sudden ...

If jaw pain is sudden and related to other symptoms such as numbness in the arms or chest pains, it could be something more serious. In these rare cases, it is best to go immediately to the Emergency Room. It could be nothing, but sudden onset pain with these other symptoms should not be ignored. 

* Check Your Stress ...

With dental in Worcester, we see a lot of stress related pain. It is always good to find ways to reduce your stress. With Worcester dentistry, we see that stress often finds its way to the jaw. We grit or grind our teeth both while we are awake and while we are asleep. 

It is advisable again to come into our dental clinic in Worcester with Arena Family Dental Worcester to have this pain checked. We will be able to tell from signs of wear whether you are grinding your teeth in your sleep and then we can address the pain. Worcester dentistry can provide mouth guards and other possible temporary solutions while we work on more longstanding solutions for the underlying stress. 

* Wisdom Teeth ...

We often see patients put off procedures involving wisdom teeth as long as possible. Treatment of wisdom teeth has gotten better than it was in the past. It is worth addressing wisdom tooth issues now to deal with any related pain.

* TMJ ...

Diagnosing the exact cause of TMJ jaw pain requires a professional. Come into our Worcester dental office to get started. It could be related to recent stress, but it could also be from longstanding strain on the jaw over many years that require other treatment.

* Other Tooth Pain ...

Tooth pain can manifest in unexpected ways. What you feel as jaw pain may be related to another part of your teeth. 

Contact us at Arena Family Dental Worcester for your dental needs in Worcester. We can get started in helping solve the mystery of your pain in order to solve your pain.

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