Tooth Pain Following Root Canal Treatment

Tooth Pain Following Root Canal Treatment

If you've recently had a root canal treatment and are still experiencing pain, there could be several causes. Some patients experience mild pain following root canal treatment, sometimes for up to two weeks. Others experience no pain at all. Keep your dentist or endodontist updated on the severity of your pain if you feel that the pain threshold is above a mild level, if the pain lasts more than five days or if you are experiencing other dental problems. 

Because a root canal requires deep root tissue penetration, tissue inflammation is common. Experiencing gum sensitivity and or inflammation of the gums may occur. Some patients find it uncomfortable and frustrating as the procedure has been completed but they still feel little or no relief. Healing takes time and each day you should experience some improvement. Call Arena Family Dental, with any questions regarding root canal treatments. 

Possible Causes of Root Canal Pain;

  • Infection – Infection was the reason for the root canal treatment and it can continue to cause pain after the treatment as well. 
  • Cracked Root – The tooth may need to be pulled if a cracked root is determined. 
  • Final Filling Not Fitting – A filling that is too loose or too high may affect a patient's bite.  
  • A Missed Canal – A canal may have been missed during the procedure. 
  • Sealing Material Breakdown – This allows recontamination of the inner area of the tooth. 

At Arena Family Dental, we want our patients to feel comfortable before, during and after a root canal treatment. If you are experiencing any issues that you feel are not normal or if you have general questions, please call us.

It's always best for a dentist to assess the situation rather than have patients guess or self-diagnose. 

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