Tooth Extraction: Do I Need a Dentist or An Oral Surgeon?

Tooth Extraction: Do I Need a Dentist or An Oral Surgeon?

If you need a tooth extraction you may be wondering if an oral surgeon or a dentist would be the best person to complete the job. You obviously want the best care, but you don’t necessarily want to pay extra money if you don’t have to. There are a few things to consider before deciding. 


Dentist in Worcester – a person that is qualified to treat teeth and gums including diseases and conditions. They also repair teeth, extract teeth and insert artificial teeth. 

Oral Surgeon – A dentist who has special training to correct problems of the mouth and jaw.

Start with Your Dentist

The best place to start is usually with your dentist. Does he/she have experience in doing extractions? How many have they done? Before it’s determined that you need an extraction, x-rays are completed. These will show proper assessment of your tooth and the roots. This combined with your medical history typically shows a dentist how difficult the extraction would be. If the tooth roots are straight, the tooth relatively strong and your health good, the dentist may be a good person to do the extraction. Arena Family Dental would be happy to help you made an educated decision. 

Expect the Unexpected

Many people choose an oral surgeon just to be on the safe side. Oral surgeons are trained for the unexpected. If a tooth breaks in the middle of the extraction the tissue or bone may need to be removed as well or the sinus cavity can be exposed. Oral surgeons have the tools and experience to deal with difficult situations while a dentist may not. At Arena Family Dental we are here for you and can assist with any dental situation you may incur.

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