The benefits of Laser Dentistry

The benefits of Laser Dentistry

By now pretty much everyone has heard of the benefits that laser surgeries bring. They cause much less damage, they are more precise, there is less chance of infection and the healing process is substantially faster. That is why Arena Family Dental is proud to be one of the first and only practices in Worcester that offers laser surgery.

The benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can all but eliminate the need for stitches and anesthesia. It reduces tissue damage, bleeding and the risk of infection. And it can significantly reduce the length of time it takes you to recover. Best of all, laser dental surgical procedures can be performed in a fraction of the time that is required by traditional dental operations.

Research shows that Laser Dentistry can:

  • Help cure sleep apnea
  • Eliminate sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Heal cold sores quickly and painlessly
  • Reshape and contour gums without cutting
  • Treat cavities without anesthesia or drilling
  • Bringing Laser Dentistry to your community

There are some procedures that cannot be performed with lasers such as the replacement of crowns or onlays. But laser dentistry can help people in many other ways. Arena Family Dental is committed to bringing you the best dental technologies available. We serve patients in our Worcester office from the surrounding communities of Worcester, Spencer, Grafton, Auburn, Southbridge, Millbury And Shrewsbury. and beyond.

Laser dentistry is something that people are starting to hear about, but might not be aware of exactly under what circumstances it is utilized. There are very few facilities that practice laser surgery in the area; we are proud to be one of them. The lasers are highly exact and cause minimal damage. A very important advantage is that the tissue damage as well as bleeding is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, the possibility of infection is lowered. This procedure is quicker than traditional methods and the patients recover in a remarkably less time frame.

There are certain conditions that are unable to be treated with lasers, but there are so many that can be effectively remedied. Some of the situations that are able to be addressed by laser surgery are as follows: stop hot and cold sensitivities, whiten teeth more rapidly than other methods, take care of cavities without traditional numbing and drilling, outline and redesign gums without cutting into them, assist in curing sleep apnea, heal cold sores, and remove benign tumors from the mouth.

The benefits from laser surgery are incredible and worth looking into by potential patients. It is strongly recommended that you consider laser dentistry if you believe you have an existing condition that can be alleviated. If you are not certain if lasers can help the particular condition you are concerned with, the answers are closer than you may think. We advise that you call our professional, modern, office and speak to one of the members of our wonderful staff. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and are sensitive to your dental concerns. They will be more than happy to set up a consultation for you with one of the dentists at the practice. Our prices for services rendered are within reason for the expertise work that we are proud to perform.

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