The Aesthetic Appeal of Dental Implants

The Aesthetic Appeal of Dental Implants

Your caring implant dentist at Arena Family Dental center in Worcester knows that your appearance plays a very important role in your level of self-esteem. The replacement of missing teeth with tooth implants can have enormous impact upon your appearance, not only by filling in a gap but also by preventing that sunken jaw look that comes from bone loss. The bond that is formed by surgically inserting the implants support within the jaw bone helps to preserve the bone structure and keeps the lower portion of your face from sinking inward and aging your appearance.

Mini-implants (same day dental implants) give you a lift in self-confidence because of the increased aesthetic appeal of your face and your teeth. Our dental clinic in Worcester also helps our patients achieve a better quality of life with dental implants. Implants cost a little more than dentures initially, but their long term value is incomparable, especially in terms of your ability to bite and chew healthy food. Implants also eliminate discomfort from poorly fitting dentures and require a great deal less maintenance.

We are your family dentist in Worcester with the area’s most affordable dental implants pricing. We can assist you in all areas of dental care and help keep you smiling and healthy. Please give us a call today at our local dental practice in Worcester at 888-574-7363. We’ll schedule a dental implant consultation for you at our dental office located at 1049 Main Street.

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