Keeping Your New Dentures Sparkling

Keeping Your New Dentures Sparkling

When you leave the dental clinic in Worcester, deciding what products to buy for cleaning your new dentures can become overwhelming, with the multitudes of powders, tablets and creams that pack the denture care aisle in the drugstore. There are also a lot of myths that abound regarding the ways to keep your new dentures and denture partials looking bright and clean.

At the Worcester dental office of Arena Family Dental, we carefully instruct our denture patients in the proper care and maintenance of their dentures, so that they may continue to maintain excellent oral health and hygiene as well as an attractive, confident smile. Our dental practice in Worcester advocates that following a regular routine in denture care will help you to avoid embarrassing stains and mouth odor, and to keep your dentures in perfect condition.

The biggest myth we like to unmask is the theory that all you need to do is soak your dentures, whether in an effervescent bath or an ultra-sonic device. Both of these methods are good for combating germs and odor, and it is imperative to always keep your dentures moist. However, it is just as important to regularly brush your dentures as it is to brush your natural teeth.
Food particles become trapped between teeth and along the gumline, causing stains and odor in addition to discomfort arising from such particles beneath the plate. Be sure and brush with a toothpaste specifically made for dentures to avoid scratches and wear from abrasives contained in regular toothpastes.
Continue to make appointments for regular checkups in our dental center in Worcester, and let Arena Family Dental help you care for your oral health.

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