Dentures in Worcester

Dentures in Worcester

In some circumstances, removing all of the teeth from the upper or lower jaw may be necessary. In this regrettable instance there are good options. We can create a good-looking denture or set of dentures that will restore oral health and proper function.

Immediate dentures

Dentures are known for helping people chew food, but they are so much more important than that. Dentures support the facial structure and improve speech too. To support facial structure and proper healing, we recommend immediate dentures.

With immediate dentures, you can have a full set of attractive and high-functioning teeth while you wait for your gums to heal. Your facial bones will realign after teeth removal — a process that can last for as long as six months or more. Getting a pair of immediate dentures is the best solution during the healing process.

Partial dentures

Some patients do not require a full set of dentures. In that case we recommend partial dentures. Partial dentures can replace a group or string of missing teeth. This is a less invasive solution and more appropriate for patients who still have some healthy, functioning teeth.

Partial dentures are secured using your remaining healthy teeth. Clasps are used to secure your dentures and can be integrated seamlessly for a smile that is natural and matches your current tooth coloring.

No-one likes to think about being an ideal candidate for dentures. While routine and proper dental care over the years can lessen your likelihood of requiring them at some point in time, there is no guarantee that they will never be needed. Although dentures are not something that most patients are happy about and would choose on their own, there are times when they are the only option. Removing natural teeth and replacing them in order to reestablish proper use of teeth and oral health is a procedure that so many patients, particularly older adults, require. When dental health dictates this as a necessity, it is not the end of the world.

There are various types of dentures and their benefits outweigh the reality of getting fitted for them. Dentures are paramount in supporting bones that are responsible for maintaining facial structure. When teeth are extracted, the bones shift, affecting their customary structure. Dentures also serve to improve the quality of a person’s speech, therefore reducing anxiety and self-consciousness produced by missing teeth. If a full set of dentures are not required because a patient still has healthy teeth, a partial set is a favored choice. Partial dentures are clasped into the mouth and held in place by the healthy teeth that are remaining.
The dentures blend in beautifully and will give you a reason to smile!

If you have been told that you require dentures or think that you may need them, we strongly suggest that you contact our well-respected, highly professional office right away and speak with the staff. We will make arrangements to have you come in at your convenience and consult with one of our dentists. He or she will address your concerns and go over the course of action that is best suited for you.

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