Crowns in Worcester

Crowns in Worcester

There are many circumstances in which a crown might be needed. You might have a tooth, which was weakened by past dental treatments. You might, for example, have a tooth that needs to be restored to its normal size and shape. You might need to create extra support for another tooth, or you might just need a complete makeover of a tooth. In any of these circumstances, we might suggest that you get a crown.

When to get a crown

When you have a crown put in, part of the original tooth remains and has the crown affixed to it. With inlays and outlays, the chewing surface of the tooth, and fillings fill in the empty interior space of the tooth. This is not the case with crowns. Crowns cover the entire surface of the original tooth and are sometimes referred to as a cap.

Crowns will be suggested in circumstances where lesser options will not properly protect the tooth and function as needed. Often crowns are necessary when a tooth is weakened or broken.

How crowns work

A large part of the tooth must be shaved down in preparation for the crown. There is a risk of damaging the tooth irreparably or causing damage to surrounding teeth, but we work to limit such risks. At all times, we strive to restore function and aesthetic quality, in that order. One result of this philosophy is that we strongly discourage the use of Porcelain crowns without prior repair of teeth. We want to optimize oral health and then make your smile everything it can be.

There are a variety of reasons why you may be told that a crown needs to be applied to one of your teeth. It can serve to create support for a different tooth, the tooth in question needs to be entirely rebuilt or requires restoration to its original shape and size, or perhaps one of the teeth was weakened as a result of a previously performed dental procedure.

Unlike inlays, outlays, and fillings, the crown serves to shelter the complete surface of the existing tooth. If you are familiar with the term "cap", this is an alternate name for a crown. A crown is usually required at times when the tooth is either weakened or broken due to whatever the cause may be. It is favorable and strongly encouraged in situations where methods less involved will not suffice. In order to be in optimum condition for the crown, the tooth will be filed down and immense care will be taken to lessen the chances of any damage occurring to any of your teeth. Our number one goal is to restore function and the appearance of the tooth.

When you become a patient at our dental facility, you are placing yourself into competent, tender hands. Any negative preconceptions you may have as a result of past experiences elsewhere will be totally erased from this point on.
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