Are pre-treatment antibiotics a good idea?

Are pre-treatment antibiotics a good idea?

If you have a hip prostheses or artificial joints and believe that taking antibiotics prior to having dental procedures done may prevent bacteria from entering into your bloodstream, you may have been misinformed. The concern with replacement joints for many is the thought of bacteria or bacteremia being released through teeth cleaning, scaling or other procedures and then traveling in the blood to joints or surrounding tissue. The odds of this happening are rare.

The American Dental Association (ADA) is recommending that patients with artificial joints do not use antibiotics prior to having dental work done if they are doing it just to prevent infections in artificial joints. The ADA believes the risk for reactions from the antibiotics is worse than the benefits that may be achieved from taking the drugs. Nonetheless, there are still exceptions to this recommendation and pre-treatment antibiotics may be prescribed for those with: type 1 diabetes, hemophilia or inflammatory arthritis or other immune-compromised patients.

Any questions you have regarding antibiotics should be directed to a medical or dental professional. At Arena Family Dental we are concerned about your oral and regular health and will assist you in determining if antibiotics are right for you prior to dental procedures.

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