Soda or Sports Drinks - Which is Better for your Teeth?

Soda or Sports Drinks - Which is Better for your Teeth?

You may be surprised to learn that the benefits of choosing sports drinks over soda do not extend to your oral health. Our family dental practice in Worcester has discovered research that reveals just how severely the citric acids in sports drinks can harm your tooth enamel. A scientific study was performed in which teeth were submerged in a popular sports drink for about 1 hours, and when removed it was revealed that several layers of tooth enamel had been dissolved.

Your personal dentist in Worcester can explain to you how this type of erosive tooth wear leads to vulnerability in the underlying bone structure of your teeth and potentially to permanent damage or tooth loss.

The mission of our local dental clinic in Worcester is to help you maintain healthy teeth throughout your lifetime. This can be achieved by choosing the right types of foods and drinks, by performing proper oral hygiene practices at home and by receiving regular professional dental care.

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Take good care of your teeth and they’ll last a lifetime!

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