Front Tooth Replacement Options

Front Tooth Replacement Options

When you lose a front tooth, you want it corrected immediately. When deciding on a replacement option, make an educated decision based on your lifestyle. The replacement tooth will be with you for a long time. You want it to look and function naturally. At Arena Family Dental in Worcester, we have many options for tooth replacement.

Visit Your Dentist

The first step in determining which tooth replacement option is best for you is to visit your dentist. After an evaluation is conducted, your dentist can provide valuable information and can explain your options and which procedures will benefit you most. Make sure the dental office you are visiting accepts your insurance and check to see what out-of-pocket costs you may incur for each option.

Most dentists in Worcester offer the following for front tooth replacement options;

Dentures - can replace one or more missing teeth. The tooth or teeth is attached to acrylic, plastic or metal framework that fits around adjacent teeth. Dentures are removable and need to be taken out and cleaned each evening, so the gum tissue can breathe.
A bridge - uses natural teeth around the missing tooth to support a false tooth. The natural teeth may need to be contoured or shaved down so crowns can be placed over existing teeth.
Dental implants -do not affect adjacent teeth. The implant serves as an anchor in the jaw and the crown is the false tooth that is visible. Implants look and function as natural teeth and are not removable.

If you do Not Replace a Missing Front Tooth

If you do not replace a missing front tooth you could experience other dental issues down the road. Your teeth may shift and move into the vacant space. Bone loss can occur, and the jawbone can deteriorate. The healthy teeth surrounding the space are at risk for decay and there is an increase in the odds of getting gum disease. A missing tooth can also affect how you speak, your ability to chew and it will affect your appearance.

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