Bruxism is a term that refers to clenching the jaw and/or grinding teeth. It’s actually quite common for people to clench their jaws together or grind their teeth, usually during sleep. At our family dental clinic in Worcester we have found that a lot of our patients admit to experiencing stress and anxiety, which seem to be the biggest triggers for bruxism.

  Even awake, many people don’t realize that they are clenching their jaws in a sort of nervous habit. Our dental practice in Worcester provides excellent bruxism treatment and care, making it our business to protect our patients from the side effects of clenching and grinding. Some of the side effects of bruxism include the following:

  • Jaw pain (TMJ)
  • Loose, worn or chipped teeth
  • Ear pain
  • Difficulty eating and opening your mouth
  • Headaches and face pain
  • Misaligned bite

Our dental office in Worcester offers first class care and treatment for bruxism disorder in children and adults. X-rays can help determine if bruxism has led to TMJ (Tempero Mandibular Joint disorder). In most cases, the first line of defense against the consequences of bruxism will be for our dentist in Worcester to prescribe a custom-fitted mouth guard that will provide a cushion between upper and lower teeth.

If someone has told you that you grind your teeth in your sleep, or if you are experiencing any of the side effects of bruxism, please call our dental center in Worcester today for a bruxism consultation.

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