Dental Implants in Worcester, MA

Dental Implants in Worcester, MA
Sometimes it cannot be avoided - a tooth decays to the point that it must be removed. Not to worry, we have lots of dental implant options that we leave your smile intact even if you need to have a tooth pulled.
Osseointegrated implants - a fancy name for a replacement tooth

Don’t let the complex name fool you, the reason for Dental Implants Worcester MA is quite simple. You need to maintain the structure and function of your dentrifice. Not only that, your jawbone needs something to grown around in the absence of your missing tooth.

Normally cylindrical in shape, dental implants are commonly made from titanium, a metal known for its bio-compatibility and lightweight properties. And while implanting metal into one's jaw sounds like major surgery, dental implants are actually quite simple and can be put in place relatively painlessly.

Teeth In A Day

The newest form of Dental Implantology is called "teeth in a day" for fairly obvious reasons. And barring a few difficult cases, we are normally able to put your implant in place on the very same day. At Arena Family Dental Worcester MA we can put your implant in the same day so that you can walk out with your smile intact.

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Dental implants are commonly used today when a tooth gets decayed and cannot be salvaged. An osseointegrated implant is the technical name for a replacement tooth. The purpose of the implant is to preserve purpose and construction of the tooth that is being replaced. In addition, the jawbone has a formation to grow around. Dental implants are usually manufactured from titanium, making them nearly weightless and biocompatible. This means that they will be accepted into the body without being rejected as a foreign matter. Carrying out the procedure is fairly simple, although it sounds complicated. As a matter of fact, it is virtually painless with little discomfort.

There is a new implant technology referred to as "teeth in a day". This procedure is exactly what its name states: Implants in one day. It works by anchors holding the false teeth onto the jawbone. The percentage of success stories is immense. Implants are used to replace bridges and yield great results that endure over time.

In case you are wondering if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants, the criteria includes that you are in good health and have a sufficient amount of bone matter to hold the false tooth in place. When you come in for a consultation with us, the dentist you see will ask you a variety of questions regarding your medical history and assess your oral condition and determine if a dental implant is the right choice for you.

Kindly call our prestigious, state-of-the-art office and speak with the staff to make an appointment for your consultation & Dental Implants Worcester MA. Don’t let rotting teeth go untreated or missing teeth become a nagging source of embarrassment. There is something that can be done safely and easily in our office. The cost of an implant is within reason and will be cheaper by far if the situation is handled early on, rather than after subsequent damage is done.

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