Teeth Whitening In Worcester

Teeth Whitening In Worcester

Proper teeth whitening truly isn’t something that can be done at home in your own time especially if you have severe discoloration and stains. If your teeth are just a shade or two off from where you want them to be, you may experience decent results by using over-the-counter whitening systems.
However, these systems often require you to use them for weeks on end to finally see results. Many people are impatient and want to see noticeable results right away but at the same time those looking to whiten their smiles want to use a product that is convenient and relatively inexpensive. While these systems are generally cheaper than in-office whitening they do not provide the best results possible and often times they need to be purchased more than once to see true results.

These products can also be harmful for those who have teeth or gum sensitivity along with receding gums. The ingredients used to whiten the teeth including hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide can cause discomfort and unwanted side effects. Before you use any type of whitening product the American Dental Society urges patients to speak with their dentists first. (we do not offer in office whitening, we offer Nite White take home kit)

Here at Arena Family Dental in Worcester we offer high quality and proven teeth whitening methods. You no longer have to waste your money on over-the-counter products that only provide you with mediocre results that don’t seem to last! Instead make a trip to our office where in one visit we can promise you a whiter smile that you’ll be proud of. All of our dentists are trained and experienced in using whitening systems such as BriteSmile, (Only Nite White) so rest assured that you won’t be anything less than satisfied. With a whiter smile in just a few hours if not less you’ll never want to rely on over-the-counter products again! The results obtained at the dental office usually last for months at a time though touch-ups may be required.

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