Inlays Onlays

Inlays Onlays

Let's face it; teeth take an awful beating. Your teeth can loose some of their chewing surface; they can get chipped, decayed and even fractured. In many of these instances we may recommend an inlay or onlay. Inlays and onlays are created from gold or porcelain.

What's the difference?

Inlays are used to restore minor dings and problems with teeth. This can be protective or merely restorative from an aesthetic standpoint. Onlays are more robust and are used for more advanced decay. Many times these are also used to restore a large dental area.

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Two steps make up the inlay/onlay experience

1. Removal of the decayed material

During your first appointment we will remove all of the decayed material and make sure that the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. We also must fill the exposed pulp area to ensure no further damage happens between now and the second visit. We also must make an impression to create your inlay/onlay.

2. Putting in the inlay/onlay

Your second visit is reserved for putting in the inlay or onlay. The temporary filling must first be removed and then the inlay/onlay is installed. Traditionally gold has been the standard material used, not only because of it's durability and moldable properties.

But with advances in dental technology, increasingly porcelain is used. This is particularly advantageous because it makes a seamless, tooth-colored appliance possible. So regardless of what the problem was, your smile can be back looking as bright and clean as ever.

The terms "Inlays" and "Onlays" may sound confusing, but they really aren’t. An inlay remedies minor problems with the teeth. It is frequently used to improve the appearance of the tooth for cosmetic purposes. Sometimes it is applied for protective reasons. Onlays, on the other hand, are stronger and utilized when the decay is further along. If a sizeable area is affected, they might be the preferred choice, as well.

There are a specific series of steps that are involved when working with inlays and onlays. During the first appointment, the decay is thoroughly removed and the tooth in question is given a meticulous cleaning. The section of exposed pulp is filled to prevent anything unfavorable occurring until the second visit. An impression is carefully taken in order to construct the inlay or onlay. When the patient comes in for the second appointment, the inlay or onlay is applied after the filling that was administered during the first visit is removed. In the past, gold was the usual material because it is moldable and withstands the challenging test of time. Now, porcelain is commonly used, instead.

There are so many reasons why you should call our dental office and find out if either of these procedures is right for you. We offer a wide scope of other services to correct and maintain the health of your teeth. Please feel free to inquire about any that may be of interest to you. We treat both children and adults and are caring and gentle at all times. We want your oral care experiences to be pleasant ones here. Taking the time out for the care of your teeth should be incorporated into your schedule like anything else that is important. If you have routine check-ups in addition to necessary procedures, we can treat any condition when it is just beginning and easier to resolve.

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