Fast Facts About Fillings

Fast Facts About Fillings

Cavities can happen to children and adults, making it painful to chew food or drink beverages that are hot or cold. Having fillings placed in your teeth will make performing these daily routines non-painful. A Worcester dentist can help you plan out an oral healthcare regimen that you can do at home to prevent further damage to the enamel, which can lead to full-on tooth and gum decay. 

Types of Fillings Available

There are different types of fillings that can be used for your cavities. Some Worcester dental offices use their preferred materials for filling in patients’ cavities. Here is a list of the types of fillings:

  • Gold Fillings: These typically last between 10 and 15 years, if not longer. They’re not susceptible to corrosion and are strong for daily chewing action. Some find it aesthetically pleasing as well. 
  • Silver Fillings: Just like gold fillings, but tend to be a cheaper option than composite fillings. 
  • Composite Fillings: These have aesthetic appeal and can be made the same color as natural teeth, making it a viable choice for use on the front of teeth or other visible areas of teeth. Other than for cavities, they can be used for repairing chipped, broken or worn down teeth. It also bonds with natural tooth structure, forming stronger support. Less tooth structure has to be removed for composite fillings. 
  • Other Fillings: Some of the other filling options include ceramics and glass ionomer. 

What Are Indirect Fillings?

These are similar to composite fillings that match the color of your natural teeth, but involve a more extensive process. Two visits to a Worcester dental office are necessary. The first dental visit involves removing decay and old fillings, then making an impression of the shape of the teeth that needs to be repaired – a temporary filling is provided to safeguard the teeth until second visit. During the second visit, the fillings are removed and then the dentist fits the indirect fillings that were created by the lab. This will be done either as inlays or onlays. 

Inlays: These are fillings are similar to typical fillings, but is instead used within the bumps (cusps) of the teeth (the chewing surface). 

Onlays: This is a more extensive procedure, requiring one or more cusps to be filled. These are sometimes referred to as partial crowns. 

With onlays and inlays, the fillings last longer than traditional ones, sometimes as long as 30 years. These are commonly made up of gold, resin or porcelain. 

The first step to taking care of tooth decay is to schedule an exam with a Worcester dentist.

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