Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

You brush your teeth after every meal, and you floss regularly.
That should be enough to keep your teeth clean and healthy, right?
Actually, no matter how well you scrub your teeth with a toothbrush, you still need to have a regular professional dental cleaning at our outstanding dental practice in Worcester in order to give your mouth a real fighting chance to withstand cavities and periodontal disease. You just can’t get the kind of results at home that come from a teeth cleaning performed in our family dental clinic in Worcester by our fully trained and experienced dental hygienist.

When you come into our dental office in Worcester for your regular six month or annual dental exam, you will have the opportunity to receive a complete and thorough dental cleaning with our hygienist. Even though you brush your teeth as often as possible you still have plaque that forms along your gum line and in between your teeth. This plaque builds up and calcifies, becoming tartar that can cause your tooth enamel to deteriorate, and can lead to gingivitis or gum disease. Simply brushing and flossing can’t remove built up plaque like a professional teeth cleaning.

When you meet with your family dentist in Worcester for your dental check-up, it may be determined that your teeth need further attention than a routine dental cleaning. Sometimes tartar build up creeps beneath the gums and if not removed will cause serious damage and periodontal disease. For deep tartar a more deep dental cleaning is called for, and your hygienist will perform a full scale deep mouth cleaning in a later appointment.

Arena Family Dental is well known in our community for offering the very highest level of professional dental care. Call our dental center in Worcester to schedule your check-up and dental cleaning!

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