At Home Teeth Whitening options

At Home Teeth Whitening options

When it comes to whiter teeth, time is definitely not on your side. Age plays a huge role in the ever changing colors of your teeth. As we age the teeth enamel on our teeth becomes thinner and more transparent. At the same time the inner layer of our teeth, called dentin, takes on a darker appearance. Liquids like coffee, tea, juice, wine and cola and foods such as tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce only worsen the issue. But have no fear; the dentists at Arena Family Dentistry in Worcester have a solution to this common problem: at home teeth whitening.

At home teeth whitening kits are a convenient, simple method for conquering the yellow monster that is taking over your mouth. They restore brightness with no invasive procedure involved. One product we recommend at Arena Family Dentistry in Worcester is the NiteWhite™ system. This system allows you to whiten teeth as you sleep or at any time you desire. Within days your smile will be dazzling.

If you are in a hurry we also offer a solution called BriteSmile™. This procedure is done in our dental office in Worcester and takes about an hour of your time. The results are immediate and you will walk out of our dental center with a bright, sparkling, shiny white smile. From at home teeth whitening to in-office teeth whitening, Arena Family Dentistry in Worcester has the products and solutions needed to restore your smile.

At home teeth whitening products are not something recommended for everyone. To ensure you are a good candidate for this procedure make an appointment today with a friendly dentists at Arena Family Dentistry in Worcester.

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