The Benefits of Dental X-Rays

by on May 2, 2017 in General Dentistry
The Benefits of Dental X-Rays

If you take a trip to the hospital and a doctor tells you X-rays are necessary, it usually means they think something is wrong that they can’t see. Dental X-rays are different. If you come to our Arena Family Dental Clinic in Worcester, we do X-rays initially to show any imperfections that need work and we do them again at future appointments to ensure your teeth remain in good health. X-rays can be a proactive way to identify issues early before pain or symptoms arise. It allows your dentist in Worcester to correct issues right away, saving you time, money and possible pain. 

Dental X-rays Are Not Painful

Dental X-rays in Worcester are not painful and they don’t take a significant amount of time. Basically, you will bite down on a small piece of plastic that hold the X-ray film while the pictures are taken. Some people have concerns about the amount of radiation used in X-rays. But the level of radiation used is very low and the benefits are very high. If you are pregnant or have medical concerns, please speak to your dentist before having X-rays. 

Dental X-rays can show a dentist many issues including; 

  • Tooth Decay
  • Dental Injuries
  • Crowded Teeth 
  • Placement Issues
  • Cysts, Tumors, Abscesses
  • Dental X-rays Are a Picture of Your Dental Health

Dental X-rays are images of your teeth, soft tissue and bones. They assist your local dentist in determining issues with the teeth, mouth and jaw. When your X-rays are completed your dentist will have a clear view of your dental health and he/she will be able to establish a treatment plan if any issues are discovered. Call Arena Family Dental in Worcester today to schedule an appointment. Dental X-rays are the first step to ensure optimal dental health. 


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