General Dentistry

Tooth Extraction: Do I Need a Dentist or An Oral Surgeon?

If you need a tooth extraction you may be wondering if an oral surgeon or a dentist would be the best person to complete the job. You obviously want the best care, but you don’t necessarily want to pay extra money if you don’t have to. Th ...

The Truth About Gingivitis

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue and it occurs around teeth. It is caused from the buildup of plaque bacteria on the tissues that surround the teeth. It is estimated that 80% of adults will experience some form of gingivitis in their l ...

The Benefits of Dental X-Rays

If you take a trip to the hospital and a doctor tells you X-rays are necessary, it usually means they think something is wrong that they can’t see. Dental X-rays are different. If you come to our Arena Family Dental Clinic in Worcester, we do X ...

Avoiding Infection with Proper Dental Procedure

Arena Family Dental Worcester is Looking Out for You Arena Family Dental Worcester is your Worcester dentist and we are looking out for your health. With every procedure and treatment we oversee in our Worcester dental office, we have your wellbeing ...

Tooth Pain Following Root Canal Treatment

If you've recently had a root canal treatment and are still experiencing pain, there could be several causes. Some patients experience mild pain following root canal treatment, sometimes for up to two weeks. Others experience no pain at all. Keep you ...

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Eight Tips for Keeping Plaque in Check

If you are trying to obtain optimal oral health, some of the best advice comes in the form of explaining how to deal with plaque. Brushing twice per day and flossing once per day are recommended practices and are very helpful in achieving a healthy m ...

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Porcelain laminate veneers

Looking for a way to remake your smile? Porcelain laminate veneers may be just the thing for you. Porcelain laminate veneers are a revolutionary, new way to restore or repair uneven, discolored, or damaged teeth. And they are a lot easier than you mi ...

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Tooth Extractions In Worcester

There are specific steps that your dentist will explain to you regarding proper care for your mouth after a tooth extraction procedure. It is important for you to follow these instructions so that you can achieve the most successful healing after you ...

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Root Canals In Worcester

When teeth are decayed or cracked, they are much more susceptible to becoming infected. And when teeth become very infected, they often must be removed completely to ensure that they do not affect the rest of the mouth. In an attempt to prevent this ...

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Restorative Dentistry In Worcester

At Arena Family Dentistry in Worcester we have dentists who specialize in all of these areas. Our caring, professional dentists can provide both diagnosis and treatment of tooth disease and the structures that support the teeth. Restorative dent ...

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Periodontal or Gum Disease

At Arena Family Dental we are expert in periodontics - the treatment and maintenance of the structure that supports your teeth. This includes, but is not limited to, the gums and bone matter of your mouth. If you think you need to see a periodontal ...

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Oral Surgery in Worcester

While a general dentist can perform many common dental procedures, there are instances when it is necessary to see an oral surgeon. If you live in Worcester, Spencer, Grafton, Auburn, Southbridge, Millbury And Shrewsbury. Then you are in luck - Arena ...

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Dental Implants

Sometimes it cannot be avoided — a tooth decays to the point that it must be removed. Not to worry, we have lots of dental implant options that we leave your smile intact even if you need to have a tooth pulled. Osseointegrated implants &mdash ...

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

What are dental implants? Dental implants are anchors that are placed into the jawbone to secure false teeth. This is done to ensure that the tooth functions correctly and minimizes harm to surrounding teeth. Who should get a dental implant? Denta ...

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Keeping Your New Dentures Sparkling

When you leave the dental clinic in Worcester, deciding what products to buy for cleaning your new dentures can become overwhelming, with the multitudes of powders, tablets and creams that pack the denture care aisle in the drugstore. There are also ...

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Dentures in Worcester

In some circumstances, removing all of the teeth from the upper or lower jaw may be necessary. In this regrettable instance there are good options. We can create a good-looking denture or set of dentures that will restore oral health and proper funct ...

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Full Mouth Deep Scaling

Your healthy, confident smile is your key to open doors in many areas of your life, including social settings and the workplace. Like any other assets, a healthy smile requires maintenance, such as outstanding oral health care with our fully qualifie ...

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Crowns in Worcester

There are many circumstances in which a crown might be needed. You might have a tooth, which was weakened by past dental treatments. You might, for example, have a tooth that needs to be restored to its normal size and shape. You might need to create ...

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Composite Fillings

Metal-based fillings have been the norm for more than a century, but they don’t look very good. When people talk or laugh the darks spots they create are visible. Thankfully we’ve got just the right solution for your fillings. Invisible ...

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Dental Bridges in Worcester

Do you need a bridge? Want to know more about a getting a bridge?  Call 888-574-7363 today or contact us to make an appointment. At Arena Family Dental, we offer a wide range of solutions for missing or removed teeth. A dental bridge may be ex ...

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Bite Adjustment In Worcester

If you are experiencing jaw pain, your teeth feel loosened or are becoming chipped, you might be in need of bite adjustment. At our dental practice in Worcester you can count on professional, state-of-the-art treatment for a misaligned bite. The imp ...

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Are pre-treatment antibiotics a good idea?

If you have a hip prostheses or artificial joints and believe that taking antibiotics prior to having dental procedures done may prevent bacteria from entering into your bloodstream, you may have been misinformed. The concern with replacement joints ...

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The Aesthetic Appeal of Dental Implants

Your caring implant dentist at Arena Family Dental center in Worcester knows that your appearance plays a very important role in your level of self-esteem. The replacement of missing teeth with tooth implants can have enormous impact upon your appear ...

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